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Local Knowledge, Global Reach

etc group African Experiences has partnered with SafariScapes to offer curated, local experiences with global accessibility

The pride, passion and long-standing expertise of these two specialists guarantees a professional and seamless travel experience. While etc group provides the personal guidance required to help you plan the African adventure of your dreams, SafariScapes makes it a reality once your feet land on the continent’s red earth.


Whether you’re craving landscapes of immense beauty, close encounters with the wildlife that call these places home, or private activities you will never forget, the entire process starts and ends with us. International and local travel, luxury accommodations, and customized requests are meticulously attended to and personal assistance is always on hand. We will be there for you every step of the way, from one local hand to another.


Get ready to breathe life into your imaginings.

The Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance

Environmental Consciousness

“Conservation is simple – we simply have to find the heroes on the front line and then give them the funding, tools and training they need to be profoundly successful.” – Ivan Carter

On the quest to provide our clients with incredible experiences, our team has visited the very best that Africa has to offer. Once travelers explore the spectacularly wild and remote destinations that are beautifully blended with superb travel accommodations it is easy to create surreal moments. Some of the most profound life-long memories have been made in the thick of the African bush for our entire team, and this is why we have partnered with the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance to ensure these experiences will be preserved.


As passionate as we are at etc group for curating the perfect safari adventure for our clients, we are equally passionate about ensuring these experiences will be continually enjoyed for generations to come. A world without the natural African bush and the unbelievable ecosystems is not a world we want to ever see!


The Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance is a lean organization that is committed to operational effectiveness in their quest for truly sustainable solutions. These solutions are aimed at getting projects away from donor funding and will preserve what we at etc group hold so dear to our hearts. The effectiveness of the program is astounding with well over 90% of all donations going directly to the front line of their initiatives and we are proud to be a part of this great success. Long term goals across the board are to provide those on the ground with the ability to sustain these initiatives without continued funding.

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